Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars and Pubs

"…And the piano, it sounds like a carnival
And the microphone smells like a beer" [Billy Joel]


The menu should be fitting to a place's or products' vibe.
a menu can be for: food, drinks or a special product (in Amsterdam it can also be for weed).
Here you can find two cocktail menus that each is fitting its place's environment and two beers menus that advertise the great Malka beer (my favorite one is the red).
*Designed for Hacerem

The Shpigel's Menu

This menu is special; it is very long (42cm) due to a great amount of products, but still wishing to keep it all in one page for convenience and also an advertisement to Stoli Vodka, but still keeping it with the Shpigel's vibe and Stoli's design line, that are very stricked. We also had to keep Israel's alcohol law by adding the warning on the bottom.
Stoli's design line was great for this place, with the shining diamonds and black background which look like some areas in the club.

One-Time Event Menu

It is not the first time the that I was asked to design a menu for a single-time event. Here is a menu for Midori's yacht sail (in a glass with lots of ice and lemon, you'll thank me later).
So we have a two sides food menu and bar billboard with served cocktails.
*Designed for Hacerem

Stand-Alone Menu

Standing menus are great for bars, so it can promote specific products.
The brain wants the first thing it sees, like trying all shirts in store, but buying the first one we tried.
It is a grea adverting with customer's convenience.
*Designed for Hacerem

Tent Card

Named after its' shape.
It is great, because people are being bored while waiting for the waitress, so the read everything on the table (just like the toilet spray, before smartphones came).
And again, because it was the first thing they read, they'll ordear it.
*Designed for Hacerem

Nostalgic Menu

Students' dance bar; Chalkboard like in class.
*Designed for Haceren

Students' dance bar.
Chalkboard like in class.
*Designed for Haceren

Wine Menu

Wine menu has to be designed with style. Always.
It will always be designed with wood, as a reminder for the wood barrels that it was layed in for several years.
And if you can, please connect it to the place's vibe. If.
*Designed for Hacerem

Hahamama Bar Menu

Sometimes the customer knows that he (or she) wants the design to be something else, but the din't know what it is.
Inspired with Mad Men that I watched the night before, I have designed this 50's elegant menu.
Best thing is that this customer loved it so much, that we are still working together on all kind of projects.
*Designed for Hacerem

Jerusalem-Style Menu

The Colony is one of most popular places in Jerusalem for the last few years. Here the customer asked to design it with the Jerusalem vibe – pictures from today and before. Some of it took a real hard digging work to find, but it was worth it!
Although I am crazy about this background, I've added it here because it looks like the Colony's wall.
This size repeats itself because of:
1. it is convenient to hold
2. It is chip to print
*Designed for Hacerem

Vibe Design

Party decor for Jagermeister, that its' trademark is a deer, so we have designed about 10 deer pictures in different styles.
The biggest compliment – all 100 posters that was decorating the compound got stolen even before the party was over.
*Designed for Hacerem

It Is Always Nice to Surprise

Hanging the menu in an unconventional place or in a special frame.
*Designed for Hacerem

A Menu With A Bonus

The customer asked to add they're amazing Beer Bread recipe, so the customers took home the menus with recipe and it was great publicity.
The menu was designed in clean flat design.

Bilingual Menu

Hebrew and English.
I always get texts from customers, but I:
1. Double check it
2. A good designer should know were they can cut the line and take one under, so it will not look like strange.
3. You have to remember that in English you have about 30% more text then in Hebrew.

Staff's Shirt

1. Because they are a walking advertisement
2. Because you want them all to be dressed similar to be recognized
3. Because you want them to fit the place's decor
4. Because you can make it a great gimmick
5. Because you can sale it