"I have a dream, a song to sing to help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale you can take the future even if you fail" [ABBA]

Pashut Yeruka (Simply Green)

Pashut Yeruka is a company that specialize with eco consulting, organizations guiding, community and schools projects and teaching appartment gardening.
The idea behind the logo was the things that flows in they're heads, which is urban ecology.

Pashut Yeruka –
Natural Cosmetics

Basicali, each company has one logo. De facto, to each logo we make diferent variations for diferent uses, so as: horizontal, vertical, with slogen and so…
In this case, the business started in one direction, but expended to do more things, such as cosmetics, so they asked for the same logo, but with a twist, so you'll recognize immediatly that it's the same company, but a different division.
We chose the lavender to be the main color, because it is asociated with cosmetics and this flower is often used in the producs, so its' sence is also recognized with this products.
For customer's convenience, we made it in two versions: lavender on white and white on lavender.


Cyber analysts company.
A company that specialize with breaking to websites  and finding solutions to close up the bridges.
The seagull is symbolizing what is between heaven and earth watching and guarding from above.

Scan Gluten

Scan Gluten is a social app to mark grocery products containing (or not) gluten.

Eran's Chocolate

I was never ever ever ever so hungry while working on a project.
I happen to me while watching magnificent Juliet Binoche's movie: Chocolate.
As a graphic designer I do not just pic a color because I love it (OK, also, but not just that), but mostly because they mean something.
Like in this logo, even without reading it, you can tell it is something about chocolate.
all you wanna do, is give it a bite.

Israel Cycling Organization

Usually it take a long time to build a logo.
Thinking, working, improving and so sometimes take forever and one million sketches.
This one took me like half an hour; it was my entrance test to productions office I wanted to work for (and later I stayed there for two years).

Elspec's Projects

Related logos for a line of products developed by Elspec Ltd.

Pilates Hoop & Fit

Many times the business got more than one "hat" and I have to find a way to show it all in their logo.
In this studio they teach both Pilates and Hoop (like the Hula Hoop), so the O is the S in the Pilates and it's also a hoop. Literally.