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"Welcome to the House of fun, now I've come of age" [Madness]


When you start designing a roll-up you have to take under consideration people's eye level and the order of things they look at – what would they see first, second and so on.
You have to consider the bottom part, that people won't look at, but it cannot be empty, you have to continue the design all the way down, even after the base's line, because they see it roll inside its base.
*Designed for Hacerem

Exhibitions' Booth

When you design a booth you have to know that people in this show will see dozens of booths and yours have to stand up.
You have to concider if you have a table in front of the booth and what you cannot see behind it or how you can use it in your design.
You have to think diferent if it's a corner booth or a 360°.
Here you can see Dalton's designs two years in a row, while in between they got new brending.
*Designed for Hacerem

Tables Branding

Sometime in a show all we have is just a little table.
You have to think well of how you desing the sides of the table.
You have to pick carefully the details to show on the table, so you won't burdened it too much and how large do you want your logo to be.
Usually we have to make  a make an illustration for customer, so he (or she) will have a better idea of what it will look like.
*Designed for Hacerem

Branding a Lounch Event

Lounching event (or any event for this matter) should be interesting, or people will leave after 10 minuts. Colors should be related to a concept, the company or to event itself (like christmes party should be red, green and gold).
Sometime the concept is a shape, like in Citroen Cactus the shape was… a cactus!
*Designed for LaviTa

Branding a Sales Event – *Designer PopUp Store

Many times a customer has its line and concept and now you have to come up with a new item or an idea competible with it.
Like in Azrieli Tel Aviv's mall we have designed a popup stores, louncg area, rest area a stores' services area (like nails from the saloon, styling from clothing store, phones upgrade and so).
The large purses we made out of  plywood cuted in CNC machine, we designed shopping bags for the popup stores and all over the mall we had the special sale reminders, such as: seating area with huge clocks, huge chinese flags and more.
*Designed for Lavi Weingarten

Fashion Gift" Sales Event"

In Ramat Aviv Mall they've see it all, so when you desgn an event over there, you have to be original and fresh.
We made the purses out of plywood and cut it in CNC machine (the magnificent "Jack Robinson"'s crew did it), the hostess stand was designed like the mall's advertising and the lottery box designed like a huge gift box.
Shelves' size fitted the gifts the stores donated for this event, so it won't look like small and cheap on one hand, but not too big, so the sylist will have to squash it in.
*Designed for Lavi-Weingarten

"Gifts Holiday" in Shivat Hakochavim Mall

Sometimes one of our jobs is to take something small and turn it into a large impressive issue.
Like in this project, the whole thing is just a mall's representative's standpoint.
The bags in the back are just for decoration, because when somebody comes into the mall and see all this magnificent bags, they have to find out what it is all about and they want it, whatever it is.
*Designed for Lavi Weingarten

Jager Spice Lounch

Because you have to WOW people.
When someone is walking into a store and sees a 1.80m bottle (taller then most people), they cannot ignore it.
As a graphic Designer we have to invent that thing that will WOW them all.
*Designed for Hacerem

Branded Curtain with Graded Opening

I love chalenges!
Like in this case, the request was a curtain that in each part of the day you have only some part closed so you see only part of the branding and when it fully closed, you do not see the bottom and in between you have shades that hide some other parts (fffffffff… it's hard to put it into words).
So it has to look amazing and afficiant because the company that fund it pays a lot of money for that kind of a cutrain so the want they're brand to be obvious at all times.
Here you see an illustration for a project that aventually didn't lounch, due to customer's decision.
*Designed for Hacerem

Mall Design

Sometimes design is just a desing.
Shivat Hakochavim mall is being decorated for spring.
*Designed for Lavi Weingarten

Childern City" in Ramat Aviv Mall"

A large part of my Lavi Weingarten work was to design compounds. If we are talking about kids compound, then it has to be fenced, but as well as welcoming and warm, so the children would like to come in and say in it.
So how do you build a whole city in 30SqM? easily!
Now think about branding a small room or a booth for your company and you'll find out that the sky are the limit.
*Designed for Lavi Weingarten

Arts and Crafts for Children City

And that's how the arts looked in my office after a test drive to check that all designes are working great, before we supply it to customer (lets call it QA).
*Designed for Lavi-Weingarten

Mogobe Compound

I love working with a live colorful brand!
The concept in this compound was the special hair of the Mogobes (ask your children who they are). All compound fences were shaped with this shape, what helpen the children to identify it from far and run into the colorful happy games zone.

Unfortunately, many times I do not get to see my project stand alive and even if I do, it doesn't mean that I remember to take photos, so you'll have to forgive me for the horrible photos that I took on 7am, after working since 4am…
*Designed for Lavi-Weingarten

This compound we have designed arts and crafts, board games, infants' games, tablets' stands, tables, carpets and much more.

The arts and crafts

Various Contractions

Here I would like to show off, not because I'm a brag, but because I want you to see that I have tons of experiance in this field.
they said that one photo worth one thousand words, right?
*Designed for Hacerem