"When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now
Will you still be sending me a valentine, birthday greetings, bottle of wine?"

Business Invitation

I have started with a business invitation, because in our head invitation is first for a private event, such as wedding.

 Wine Tasting Invitation

Here's another wine tasting invitation, a little different – elegant with a graphic hint

Business Invitation #3

Here you can see beers tasting invitation, but the owner got a little sick of all the wood concept, so he asked something totally different.
We chose a class board style, to touch people's nostalgic sense and miss the good times when they were kids. They will come to search for their lost childhood, on a glass of beer, of course.

Business Invitation #4

The nice thing about this invitation is that I have also designed the products being posted in it.
This invitation designed in flat style.

Yael & Guy – Wedding Invitaion

If you'd know Yael and Guy, it would be clear for you that it belong to them; clean quite with a vintage chick.
The got married just before Rosh Hashana just after Oferet Yetzuka operation, so they chose to show their support by buying small branded honey jars and giving it away by the end of the wedding. They also had small "save the date" magnet for their guests.

Hen and Ben – Wedding Invitation

Hen and Ben's love story is charming!
He proposed her in the middle of trip, under the tree, on the Yarkon bank, just after giving her a new surprise – purple bicycle.
I have designed them a printed invitation, digital invitation for whatsapp and email and a "save the date" magnet (between us, it's a great gadget with a little money).

Aviah – Bat Mitzvah

Aviah's Bat Mitzvah was an amazing Purim ball!
Here we also had verity of invitations:
Two sided opening printed invitation, designed like scroll (Megillah) | a Kidush invitation | digital invitation for the Megillah reading
All items were design with same guideline, but with small differences, such as dots colors.
All colors matched the ball colors (which I can't remember who came first).

Gaya – Bat Mitzvah Invitation

The best compliment I got about this invitation was: "It is exactly her!"
When I design an Item (any Item), it is very important for me to fit it to the customer and not just a wimp he had the last day. They have to love it and be happy about it. If they insist, they will get what they want, but I never spare my thoughts (although I try to say it very gently).
Lucky for me, I read people pretty well, so I know what to pit them and to see when they are not pleased (yet!).
another important issue is to make both sides "talk" to each other. It has to have the same line and even some items to be repeated.

Gili – Bat Mitzvah Invitation

Usually you should stick to one font. You can play with its size and bold, but the same.
Sometimes you need  to use a totally different one to emphasize.
Again, the invitation fitted the amazing girl was sitting next to me.

BTW, my "I believe" is that the kids should be a part and decide their own invitation, with guidance of course, so they feel they were a part of the path and not just side watchers.

Whatsapp Invitation

I love whatsapp, it saves paper!
Not always we have time to design, print and mail invitations (like in Brith Mila). Sometimes we'd love to spare the expense or we want people to have it available on their smartphones.

Greeting Card

Some people are nostalgic and will send every year a greeting card. It is great for the business!

Business Greeting Card

This postcard was printed and delivered to women after giving birth.
The warm responses were wonderful! People like to be greeted, even if it's an ad.

Wedding and Bat Mitzvah Invitation

Here you can find additional styles for invitation