My Art Work
"So don't be afraid to let them show your true colors. True colors are beautiful, like a rainbow" [Cyndi Lauper]

What have we gathered here for?





תמונה של הילה קורן הבעלים של סטודיו מיס הילה לעיצוב גרפי ובניית אתרים

So who am I?

Decoration Committee from head to toe!
Best description I have ever heard about me was "square with rounded corners".
I'm here to make the world prettier and righter. Via graphic design I transfer people: emotions, thoughts, a different perspective and sometime a whole world.
I write and proofreader for many years, crazy about languages, oldies, standard writing (and reading, but you have to trust me on that), I get scratches from typing or spelling mistakes (even in restaurants menus) and enjoy all kind of a design, from a good commercial and to a door handle in Paris.


Miss Hilla – Graphic Design Studio
Emek Ayalon 30, Shoham
052-5785888 |