Business Cards

"I've played all my cards and that's what you've done too.
Nothing more to say, no more ace to play" [Abba]

כרטיס ביקור עם לוגו גדול של פילאטיס הופם אנד פיט של הדר מנדלבאום

Pilates Hoop & Fit

In a business card you have to have the basics:
Name (don't lough!), telephone number, email address, website, office address and what's important for you business.
If you have titles, add it. You have worked hard to get it (unless you paid someone to it for you and then add it, because it cost you a lot of money).

Tiger's Esthetics

Don't be afraid to do things different.
Like Tiger, he wanted his card not to be pink with orchids, he wanted his card to look like his saloon – black and stylish.

כרטיס ביקור של טייגר גבות טקסט לבן על רקע שחור
כרטיס ביקור של חברת סיקארה עם לוגו שחף בתוך עיגול ירוק כחול


I love hints in design. Not everything has to be obvious, people are intelligent creatures (well, most of them).


Card can serve 1 million purposes, not just for your phone number.
Today it is so cheap printing it, that you can make it for:
bonus for customers, list of appointments etc.

כרטיס של טכניגר מסיבת טכניון עם יגרמייסטר
כרטיס ביקור של טיפטיפה טיפת חלב עד הבית, איור של שני ילדיםדים קטנים יושבים בתוך מסגרת חומה, על רקע ורוד בייבי


Just looking at this card and it is obvious to you that it about infants.
All about graphic design is transferring the idea without people have to read what it says. Each color symbolize something and as we see it, it pop up right into our mind.

Yael Cohen-Persitz

Usually you should stick to one font. You can play with its size and bold, but the same.
Sometimes you need  to use a totally different one to emphasize.

כרטיס ביקור של יעל פרסיץ, מפנה את הדרך להצלחה
כרטיס ביקור של מיס הילה, כתב שחור על רקע לבן עם לוגו בגוונים טורקיזים


This is my card.
Minimal, flat design, both sides are connected, minimal contact information and most important – huge name, purpose and phone number.