Ads and Advertisement

"Have you seen the old man in the closed down market, picking up" the papers with his worn out shoes
In his eyes you see no pride and hanging loosely at his side yesterdays paper, telling yesterdays news" [Ralph McTell]

פרסומות למטאקסה ולהנדריקס

Alcohol Ads

I have to say that I made countless ads for booze.
Yes, it is still interesting and challenging me to fit the correct composition and right perspective to all page sizes. Although it is looks like it is always the same, small changes in dimentions can make a lot of trouble to the graphic designer. And yet, it isalways nice to see the ad I've designed in a Friday morning newspaper, while I sip my coffee in my favorite coffee shop in Florentin.
*Designed for Hacerem

Triple Ad

Some projects are more challenging then others, such as 3 pages ad.
as always, we have to keep the guideline, but never be boring or butter-up the customer just to fill-up all pages.
Glenfiddich's new guidline did not include newspaper ads, so we had to come up with an original one and to send it to headquarter to be confirmed. Best part is when brend manager loves it email you confirmation and the you get another email world wide distributed with your design and the title is: "This is how it should be done".
*Designed for Hacerem

מודעת טריפל של גלנפידיך במגזין


Same as triple, but on two pages.
*Designed for Hacerem

Ads Rules

Not rules as the king, rules as the law.
There are many laws regarding advertising (I guess that advertiing companies took it too far) and the fines are heavy.
Like in alcohol in Israel:
1. You are not allowed to use people's photos or drawings, not even an arm
2. You have to add warning at the bottom – you have 2 kinds, according to alcohol procentage
Many times youdesing the pecferc ad and then you have to add the warning and it ruins everything and there starts the real challenge.
And sometimes you have to know where and how you can bend the rules.
*Designed for Hacerem

פרסומת לוודקה סטולי. בקבוק עומד ליד הקיר ולידו הזמנה
עיצוב פוסטר למסעדה, עיצוב גרפי עם איור של הרצל שוצתה בירה

A Different Kind of Ad

Lets not forget that sometimes ads are for billboards and it has to pop-up from all the mess you see there.


In billboards you have to remember that people see it from far and on the run. Here I have poped the restaurant's logo and the Greece environment, so when people see it they'll do the immidiate subconscious connection between the logo and Greece and if they like Greece will, they will come to read the smaller letters.
All I had to do is to catch their eye.
*Designed for Hacerem

billboard illustration

Digital Advertising

In digital advertising you have to consider fitting it to all screen sizes – computer (stationary and laptop are different), cell phone and tablet.

And the best part is…

You get to the office in the morning and find on your desktop the magazine with your designed ad.

טנט כארד, עיצוב פרסומת למסעדה

Food Place Advertisment

A business should use his best place to promote itself – the business it self. The people are there, it means that they like it already and all you have to do is to offer them products rapped with a nice bow, such as tent card on the table.
A good graphic designer should know that market and offer ideas to the customer. Like I do befor I meet a customer, I dig the network (who said Pinterest?!) and see what people have made up. Most times I do not need to invent the wheel just fit it to the correct business.
*Designed for Hacerem

Cashier Line

It's a pure "One more sale"[Marketing Introduction, class #2]

Advertising on the move

Your employees can make great advertising!
They are attractive, move and all over the place, so why not levarage it?
You can use it as part of the design (like Aroma's aprons) and it helps the customer knowing who is an emploee and who is not.
*Designed for Hacerem